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    Default My newest music video

    Hey Guys, i`m glad to present to you my newest music video "Dance lesson" - I have been using Canon 550D to shoot it, shooting lasted aprox 6 hours,video editing system used : Sony Vegas 10. In this video i partisipate as a director,camera operator and video editor. Please tell me your toughts.

    P.S. the pictures you will see are of a famous Bulgarian actor and singer - the song is dedicated to him. In loving memory of Vladimir Kraychev.

    Dance lesson music video - YouTube

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    Looks great. really enjoyed it. Nicely paced, good mix of shots cut well together.

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    Nice video! I really like how you included the still shots into the video without making it lose its dynamic.
    If I have to add some critique to it than maybe it would be that you keep on seeing the focus on the same girl in that dancing group.

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