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    The Flight of Bill Henderson - YouTube

    Hey guys I just noticed this forum and I'm new here obviously. Me and my friend just finished making a short film so I thought I would show you guys it. The film is called "The Flight of Bill Henderson" and It's about a 40 something year old man going through a mid-life crisis, so yeah if you guys could let me know what you think, and give me any criticisms on it that would be great!

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    You won't make any friends here by posting links to your film all over the forum - especially trying to hijack other threads so I've deleted the three duplicate posts. No need to thank me.

    Now for the film.
    After a very shaky start I found myself drawn in. A good sign. Although the main character was withdrawn, I found myself wanting to find out what made him tick and what was going to happen. I didn't have a clue where it was going so that kept me watching. Oversall I though the concept was good and the main actors very eblieveable. The awkward exchanges between the two made me feel awkward so well done. Content is what matters and this film has content.

    Which is just as well ...

    It opens with what seems to be an endless sequence of shaky shots of model planes. I realise what you're trying to do here but (a) close up slow movement shots like this need to be super-smooth and (b) we need maybe three shots only to establish the situation - not 50 seconds! Yes, Hollywood might have long sequeneces like this at the beginning, but (a) this gives the audience time to settle into their seats (b) this is normally where all the opening credits go - so the audience has something to look at. This needs severe editing.

    This is the beginning of the film - you have about 10 seconds to grasp your audiences attention.

    The need of severe editing occurs throughout the film - though not quite as bad. The "getting ready" sequence is a bit lng as is the building the wings towards the end, but the other seriously long bit is the middle section (6:27 up to the recollectio of hs father) 30 secs doesn't sound long, but we only need 5 to get the message.

    On the other hand, the long drawn out shots of both Bill lecturing and the awkward exchanges with the girl worked well because they helped add to the atmosphere. I thought the first lesson/lecture was very good - I really understood Bill's character and could empathise. I'm glad I stuck the film out to get that far - I'm sure most people would have bailed out sometime withing the preceding two and a half minutes!

    Apart from the shakiness, the shots seemed well thought out and composed.There was a good variety and I rarely felt a shot was held for too long or the cutting was so quick as to be distracting.

    However the colour difference between different shots was appaling. Exterior shots were blue and overexposed, interior house shots were yellow. The only shots which seemed anywhere near natural were some of the classroom shots. Your cameraman needs to learn to white balance the camera properly - this was a major distraction.

    Soundwise - better than the video. We could hear everything clearly (so often overlooked). There was a bit of room reverb in the classroom scenes, but I thought this was appropriate. There was also a bit of a background "whooshing" noise which seemed less to. The exterior shots at the end suffered bad wind noise. A close mic with a wind gag would have solved this - it was a bit of a shame to have that as a distraction at the denouement.

    Overall, a worthwhile project. Good concept, well acted, let down by poor production values.

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    Nothing more to add to what Tim has said other than it was refreshing to see something with a bit of content, ie a narrative that you can follow and characters you can understand and relate to.

    Do some work on the technical stuff which Tim has mentioned and you will be making fine watchable movies.

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