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Thread: Importing video - 1minute video lasting over 2 hours

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    Default Importing video - 1minute video lasting over 2 hours

    Hi folks,
    I'm pretty much a video novice, so not sure what technical info I need to provide. Recently bought vegas movie studio 11, and want to edit some movie clips taken from a medical ultrasound machine.
    The files exported from the ultrasound machine are in .mp4 format and 1 minute duration. 640x480 resolution and 7.5fps. When I import them into vegas they take up a length of 2:46:49! When I play them they play as normal for the minute, then the video freezes at the end and the rest of the 2 hours 45 mins is just a still image of the final frame.
    They play fine in vlc and windows media player with the correct length. Videos from other sources seem to import into vegas just fine.

    Any possibility of a fix or will I be banging my head against a brick wall? Happy to supply any other info needed. I have tried updating tonight to the latest version but made no difference.
    Computer is a core 2 quad q9650 with 4gig ram, win 7 64 bit. Working faultlessly otherwise so don't think it's a computer issue.


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    I don't really know what would make Vegas think that your project is over 2 hours long. The only logical thing would be that there is a stray piece of media on the time line but I'm sure you have checked for that. This wouldn't explain why the last frame was being held for that duration. So I'm stumped.

    I could however recommend that your project properties match your media ie 640 x 480 7.5 fps etc... A solution to get you round the problem might be to set a loop region from the beginning of the video to where you want it to stop. Make sure render loop region only box is ticked and then render to the format you want.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks MB. No there are no stray videos laying around. I suspect there's some kind of minor problem with the files which throws vegas. It's pretty easy to work around, I can simply split the video where it's supposed to end and delete the 2 and a bit hours after that. I suspect i'll be stuck with this unless sony brings out an update that fixes it.

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    It's not unusual for videos from non-standard sources to play havoc with video editors. It's likely that you've stumble accross a paticular scenario which wasn't covered in testing, or Vegas is reading the video correctly, whilst other player are fixing or ignoring an issues. As this is one file, your workaround sounds the most practical.

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