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Thread: What HDD to buy? I need more space?

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    Default What HDD to buy? I need more space?

    Hey guys,

    Just a quick one. I am currently running Windows & all programs on my 40GB drive, it is nearly full. All my Video, I keep on a seperate 120GB drive. That is 100% full and I envision that when I capture my next lot of tapes, that I will easily chew somwhere in the vicinity of 250-300 GB.

    So my question to you guys is should I just go for a huge 300GB drive, or a combination of two 150-200GB drives. I'm going to be creating a hour long movie, and I've seen and read a couple of things that make me think two maybe be safer and more effeicent than one. If I can do it with one without problems, I'd like too.

    Your input would be greatly appreciated. . .


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    Christian: it's pretty much true that you should, when possible, reserve one hard drive just for capturing video - that way, the process is uniterrupted by other activity in your PC, and will result in lower frame loss. Also, bear in mind that you'll want to defrag regularly - and defragging a small drive is faster than defragging a large drive. However, in the latter case, it makes little difference whether your drives are physical or logical ones. In the fomer case, a separate physical drive is required. A way forward might be to get the single larger drive and use that for your storage/backup, and reserve the 120GB one for capture.
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    Well, I don't plan on replacing any of the drives. I just need more space, so a PCI IDE card and more HD's is the only way to go.

    I have setup like you say at the moment. I have two physcial drives. My 40GB (WIndows & Progs) is fine. The 120gb drive is FULL of captured video I need for the project.

    But I'm going to need about another 250-300GB. So what I wanted to know was more about whether having a single 300gb hard drive is suitable with regard to seek times and what have you. Or would two 160GB drives be better? Or shouldn't it matter at all?

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    One large drive or two smaller shouldn't make any difference, unless you set up a RAID 1 matrix. But higher capacity HDs sometimes have fewer rpm's, so make sure it's a 7200 rpm (or better).

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