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    Default Sexy Trash | Short Comedy Film

    Hi guys

    I'm back with another comedy film. This one is titled 'Sexy Trash'. The only way to find out why is by clicking the link below.

    Synopsis: Two idle bin men unearth an embarrassing secret about one of the local residents.

    Let me know what you think

    Contains language which some viewers may find offensive, we find it funny as balls

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    Funniest part for me was the hole in costume and when he threw the doll at his mate

    Thought the end gag was good (ie) tying both together.

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    Good stuff again. I like the subtle audio of the reversing bin wagon to give the impression that they were proper binmen without 'borrowing' a proper binwagon.

    You are getting more ambitious filming outside, even if it is only a back alley. I like the short style of movie you make, too long and it would be very strained to last the joke. The dialogue works well as usual, same with the acting, we know what to expect from our two main characters.

    Just one question...where did you get the doll???

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    Thanks guys

    I'm glad you liked it.

    Jimbob, are you thinking about getting yourself one or something? :P

    The site was or something like that, I'll find out exactly sometime

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    very good, kept me entertained! I saw the end coming though, but doesnt make it less funny

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    You're the first person to mention you saw the gag coming. That's pipework for you I guess.

    Thanks for the feedback

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    Blimey! You've got Roger Daltrey writing for you and appearing in your vids now.
    (He's the singer from a popular beat combo)

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