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    Default Screen Saver to Run Video

    I am trying to find a programme that will let me go from screen saver to run a video.

    I have tried Media Player with the video (avi), paused in full screen mode. Wait for screen saver, press Ctrl+P, defaults to Media Player small screen and stays in pause.
    With it paused(full Screen), in VLC or Power DVD, it will not go to screen saver, it just stays in the pause full screen mode but will start/pause on the spacebar.

    Is there a programme that will let me run
    Video (can be any format), paused in FULL SREEN
    Wait for screen saver
    Press appropiate Key-stroke
    Video starts to run Full Screen.

    Any suggestions

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    'Alt/Enter' can toggle the fullscreen. 'Alt' by itself may not re-activate the screensaver. I would be inclined to press Enter; then Alt/Enter. And then maybe Spacebar to start playing.
    Although MP has a setting to prevent screensavers whilst a video is playing, it does not work in Soundwave's case; where the video has been paused.
    Some editions of Vista/Windows7 have 'Windows Media Centre'. That behaves differently to Media Player.
    Might Winamp have the feature? Winamp Media Player - MP3, Video, and Music Player - Winamp

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    This is to run in a stage production. when the scene open we are on the bridge of a spaceship with a large flat screen showing as the window. on this will be running an animated screen saver showing various system checks, radar, star charts etc. this runs for 20 mins without repeating. When the actor starts to fly the spaceship I want the screen saver to change instantly to the flying through space video without a pause. The actor will not have access to a keyboard, this will operated by stage crew. I need to have the video running in Full Screen with no media player controls showing. I have looked at Wimamp but is doesn't seem to take video.

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    Wouldn't this be better as a DVD? You could set the first chapter to be your animated screen (for example loop the video you want unil 30 mins or so), then set the second to flying through space. The change would be made by moving to the next chapter.
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    Use 2 pcs? Each outputing separate videos, but use a video switcher (of which I know nothing about) to instantly switch whichever pc/video to the screen. I suspect the pros use switches which can be operated remotely. Or, if the screen (or projector) accepts 2 inputs; then can the switching be done at the screen?
    I would not rely on Windows Screen Savers, or for use in critical conditions; such as the triggers by accident from backstage crew whilst they fumble in the dark.

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    The pros have a dedicated operator, the talent should not be let near the go button!

    Problem with a cheap switcher, there will be quite a delay ( maybe 7 seconds ) before the other input will display. You'll need what is called a "seamless" switcher, which can do an instant switch to the second input.

    I'm guessing your resources are limited to just the one computer? If so burn both videos to a DVD and follow Marc's advice.

    Oh, give VLC player a try.

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