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Thread: making a professional looking video to accompany a CV

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    Default making a professional looking video to accompany a CV

    Hi, I am applying to various jobs overseas and I thought that using a video as well as a CV would be a good introduction since it is possible I may never get to meet the person that will be my first contact.

    This is my first try, I know it's not great and needs allot of work but ti's a start:

    Jacques talking.wmv - YouTube

    What I would like to do is re-make that video with a white background and have some engineering charts floating in the background. What type of hardware and software would I need to do this? Right now I am using a hand held video camera and Windows Moviemaker.



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    I've looked at the video, watched it for the first 40 seconds then skimmed through each 20 second block, Here are my thoughts below but please remember this is only my opinion, I am not a gifted communicator so if I cause offence please understand it is not my intention!

    Don't send off a video
    Whilst the video might help communicate who you are and what you do in a way that gives greater "wow" to the company, It could also turn them off you very very quickly, I'd think carefully about how helpful the media is and if it adds anything that your CV does not already state. With respect, Based on the video you strike me as a nervous person who is not confident in their skills or abilities.

    I am most likely incorrect in my assumption but I reached that conclusion based on
    - lack of eye contact with the camera, looks like your reading off a script below the camera.
    - Lots of looking from side to side.
    - Every public speakers worst nightmare, The dreaded "um"

    I am not saying this to offend you in any way! I'm simply highlighting this before your employer takes one look at it and goes "I've now seen this guy via video, Well I won't waste any time talking to him, I'll try candidate 2"

    Also, If the employer would like to "see" you and communicate with you, An informal live skype chat if they request it can be provided.

    The other key item is length, As with any CV, You need to get the vitals across to the employer as quick as possible! 4 minutes might be asking too much of their attention span, If the first 30 seconds of the video does not grab them, they'll turn off.

    I did a youtube search and found this video
    Graeme Anthony C.V.I.V - Intro - YouTube

    Five key points
    - Picture is very clear
    - Sound is a lot clearer
    - He appears to have reheasered exactly what he wants to say and the manner in which he delivers it.
    - At the end of the video, He provides links to other videos, Now you could simply include your full CV instead of other mini videos, But you see how he has used the video, He has shown the employer his confidence, His name, what he does all in 35 seconds
    - Yes you can use video, But I'd suggest you think quite carefully on whether it is a benefit or a distraction.

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    To do this you will need a solid colour background this is usually green or blue do the shoot with you in front of this "green screen". You will need some basic $50 video editing software such as Sony Vegas Studio. This will enable you to get rid of the back ground and put in what ever graphic you want as the back ground. Please also look at getting a clip on mic so that the sound is much better, if your camera has a socket for a mic this will plug straight in to the camera if not you will need a seperate digital recording device, something like an iPhone would do. That is the basic set up.

    Now the tricky part, you need to have a look a some green screen tutorials on YouTube to get an idea of how to light and set up the shoot.

    Good luck.

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    You got some great advice above ...If I were you I would definitely take it on board and do as much as you can with regards implementing what they say /recommend (ie) better background and definitely audio and lighting.

    I came for help too and have stayed an active member of the forum.

    This is a great place and the advice you get from experienced senior members is worth its weight in gold.

    All the best to you with your video CV.

    I agree if you can't make it look very very good and professional stick to a well written CV it is obvious you are an experienced and educated man.

    Plus words sell !!!!!!!

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    Thank you very much for your input all of you, it was a bit hard hitting but I get it.



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    Good Luck

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    Round 2: I hope this is an improvement.

    Jacques talking2.wmv - YouTube


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    That's a lot more than an improvement, Good Job, This time it feels like you have a direct message your presenting, Much clearer presentation, Much shorter, it flows nicely.

    Now I realise I did not answer your original question, which was putting extra graphics and content into the video.

    I'd suggest hiring someone who owns a green screen studio and the resources needed to do this for you, But considering what this video is, It's probably way too much money to spend to achieve it.

    I'm wondering what the added bonus of graphics and charts would be, The employer needs to be sold on you primarily, So all the focus needs to be onto you, The charts may become a distraction. But you could probably layer them on top with software like Sony Vegas or Adobe Premier Elements, Both programs have trial versions which can be found on google and the paid versions are relatively cheap.

    Next I'd suggest thinking about improving the sound quality, You want the spoken word which delivers the information to be as clear as possible, Have a read below of our audio section on the forums.

    Sound Recording and Audio Editing

    I'd strongly suggest getting an external microphone for yourself! The on board mic works, But an external when properly used will always beat the on-board mic by a long shot.

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    Having given this some more thought. The idea of having graphics moving around in the background would be very distracting for the intended viewer. You would be better off just filming your self as you are but using a better mic. You can if you want play around with lighting, Google 3 point lighting, or get a friend with a better camera. BUT by far the most important thing is recording clear audio. At the moment your audio is very distorted and unpleasant to listen to.

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    Personally I thought it was a big improvement.

    Especially in your presentation ...... much better

    However I agree you definitely need an external mic (ie) tie clip mic would be good. audio technica ATR35 should plug straight into camera but check .

    I am experimenting with 3 point lighting and as Midnight said it could work well.

    Get to work on your audio improvement and take on board what the guys said/recommend above and post back.

    As I said big improvement over first one........

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