ok, im rather new to this but here is the prob:

I am making a video of all still images in Adobe Pro. I am useing pan/scan and zoom from the effects pallet and it all look gold in the preview window. so...

When i render the film (and i have tried a few options) the video shows all of the clips in their entire size moving and shifting and such. There are two video clips in the scene and they show up small in comparison to the field edge of the avi. so if you were to watch the film, and peer through a card at the avi clipping all the information but the center you would get what i see in my preview window.

I have attempted to export at different sizes in ntsc (usa) and cant figure this sucker out! it look as though the scene is rendering without the FX turned on.

attached a couple images so you can see. one is the preview window in the project, the other is the rendered video in the same scene.

Perhaps simple answer? im lost. thx!


ok i figured it out. it was a matter of rendering the work at the proper output dimensions and i had to render it with squarepixils 1.0