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Thread: Removing Unwanted Objects From Shots

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    Default Removing Unwanted Objects From Shots

    Hi there
    Bought Sony Vegas Movie Studio today to edit some pre-shot footage.
    The problem is we're amateurs and when we shot the scenes, there were occasions at various points (which we didn't notice during filming!) where a stray car or person appeared at the sides of the shot.

    We want to keep the shots (as they were good takes) but what's the best way to eliminate (or hide) the unwanted bits - can we erase or blur the edges of the scene, maintaining focus on the main shot?

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    You might be able to mask out the unwanted bits if the camera doesn't move at all and then lay a section without the unwanted bits under that track. Other than that I don't think there is really a sensible way of doing it. Yes you can blur the edges but that might make it look worse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulears View Post
    if they're on the very edge, just zoom in a bit and it may look better than blobbing it out. Sometimes just a small zoom in and then shift it sideways to lose just one side works better.
    Ditto to that! Prob your best option

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    Thanks everyone for your advice!

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