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    Anyone watched it ?

    Has good reviews, but im not sure whether its gonna be worth a punt

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    I've been to see this.

    It really depends on your taste in film. I think this is aimed around the teenage/student audience, but will probably still appeal to older generations. Using the found-footage technique, the introduction is surprisingly expositional, but after a quick setup it leaves space to explore the possibilities of the powers the three boys get. Once it reaches its climax, it gets pretty intense - but somehow feels a little short lived. I personally couldn't feel too attached to the main character, as he begins as a very closed-off individual.

    Aside from the negatives, I actually quite enjoyed this film, which is probably why I thought it felt too short. If you're into special effects, be wary that this isn't Transformers, but it does use its SFX creatively, and the surround sound is used really well, which is confusing seeing that it's supposed to be shot on a cheap camera.

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    Informative reply thanks. From the trailer, it looks like a series After Effects clips However, reviews are saying its a bit more special than that . i am a fan of "found footage" films district 9, cloverfield etc, but
    wonder if we've seen it all before. its a low budget film with a 24 year old director (all be it son of John landis.
    Based on your comments British eye, think well give it a go .


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