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Thread: Free Wedding Videos from experienced Wedding photographer

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    Default Free Wedding Videos from experienced Wedding photographer

    I have been doing wedding still photography for around 4 years now, and am looking to get into the video industry. I have filmed a couple of weddings before, and am still looking for experience before i invest in equipment and start charging for my services.

    For this reason I am looking for Couples with a tight budget to allow me to video their wedding for free. I am based in Weston-Super-Mare and will travel up to 30 miles, or any (reasonable) distance over this at your cost.

    The day will be filmed from start to finish on a HDV Camcorder and provided as a full days' s "Documentary style" video on a DVD.

    Please PM me for more details, or to make arrangements

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    Default help me out

    Wedding 15th June 2012 1pm in Bristol. I need a free videographer starting out and looking exposure to build their portfolio

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    Default help

    Our wedding is in Bristol 15th June and would love you to film out wedding 1pm central location and re epitome in high ridge , Brent Kmoll. Please help

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    Hi there

    We are getting married on the 16 th June 2012 in Cardiff. Due to the large wedding we are having we really can't afford a videographer although we have photographers. The wedding will be one which if u can do it will be amazing for your portfolio we are having 8 bridesmaids it is an amazing catholic church and we have so many things that if you wanted to display on a website we could do plus we have been approached to have the wedding covered in lots of magazines so u would get publicity.

    Thanks sarah

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    Hi there are u still doing weddings as I am getting married on 14 September on Manchester

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    To everybody who has requested my services previously and not received a reply, I apologise, but I totally forgot about this advert for a while!

    Kezza, I have sent you a PM.

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    Anyone know a free plumber or builder? , I have an extension that needs building.
    Spent all our money on buying a massive house and designer gear.

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    TiC I like it, although the situations aren't the same - Video is definately an "Extra" whereas if you don't have plumbing you need to nip next-door to draw water for the kettle, etc.

    What's surprising is that OP is so full of orders, he's omitted to check on the good folks that were williing for him to make a fist (or "perfection") of their Big Day.

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