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    Hi all
    We have been posting our videos on a different page to this. This is our YouTube page with current and past projects most recently being a music video filmed on the shortest day of the year (dec 21st) in the very near future we have two videos with clearly different style and purpose. Please take a look at our work and leave some comments. With each project we aim to better the last, so constructive criticism is appreciated.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Mammoth View Post
    Hi all
    We have been posting our videos on a different page to this.

    you really have een posting in the right place - "User Videos" - to get feedback from the users of this site. Some might feedback here, but the User vids (with one video per thread) is definitely the way to go.
    (Not that there's any harm in posting a channel linke here)

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    Thanks Tim

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