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Thread: Guns, explosions, special effects? Oh yeah

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    Red face Guns, explosions, special effects? Oh yeah

    Hey guys, we actually made this a couple months ago but I thought I might share it. This video absolutely has the most work we've ever put into a video. We spent literally weeks (day and night) working on just special effects alone. The audio was actually originally cut out because of construction and what not going on. So we had to put every single little sound in, which was very tedious. All in all, we put a whole lot of effort into this so please watch it.

    It's a short, fun video we decided to make. No real story other than the fact that it's a virtual-reality video game. For those of you who don't know, "free for all" is a very common game mode in a lot of online multiplayer games where players have no team and must eliminate everyone else. And that is what this video is based on.
    Feel free to leave comments.

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    OK so it's lacking in any story (although the "fight" was well choreographed) so the viewer is not at all involved and doesn't really care - but that's not the point, its it? this is designed to try out various effects. Having said that, at least we got a humoorous, ironic ending.

    Overall I thought it was very well done. You've clearly studied the sort of shots that are used in such action sequences and this goes a long way to making it look good. I particularly liked the 3D motion tracking of teh orangey shieldy type thing, though I was a little disappointed that when it was being used we didn't see the firepower hitting it and ricocheting.

    Bit's I would pick out as not so good were the overall colour - it made the talent look as if it had just been dredged from teh bottom of a lake - and the smoke from the explosion at the 3min mark (not that I'd know how to improve on that).

    Overall though, I thought it was pretty excellent. it must be. I don't normally bother watching more than a few seconds of an FX type film posted here!

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    1.01 reminded me of "The Good The Bad & The Ugly " - Complement

    Didn't know what it was about story wise ?????? But in fairness you did say there was none in your post.
    I thought it looked great and some really good effects there !
    I can tell this took some time and heap loads of sweat and tears to make................. respect to you


    Only gripe .....give Tank a better outfit !

    Oh yea If you do make another version give it a story and it could be really really good I said some of the effects (sound &visuals) were killer

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