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    Default 1st time poster looking for help!

    Hey guys,

    I just stumbled upon this awesome forum looking for some help with an issue I am having with my new pc and Sony Vegas. It never occures to me to google for a Forum till I have a problem... lol
    But I think I found a new home here...

    I scaned the hardware and software threads and didnt really see a problem like what I am having... Maybe I'm 1 in a million (hope not).

    I just had a new Pc built specs are:

    AMD 4100 3.6 Quad Core
    8 gig DDR3 1600mhz
    VisionTek 5770HD 1gig DDR5
    500 gig Sata HD
    Windows 7 32bit
    I installed the required QuickTIme and Frame Works Vegas asks for...
    Im using either a Canon 5d MKII or my Iphone 4s for video capture...

    I use other heavy programs like Photoshop, Lightroom, Acid, and Nuendo and have never had an issue at all...
    I installed Sony Vegas 10 Pro and I'd like to get into HD video production.
    Ive read numerous sites and watched many youtube vids on how to use the program...

    The issue Im having is that when using the program the video gets really, really, laggy, choppy, and is down right unplesant to work with... Basic transitions are unable to be seen properly till I render the video so I have to guess as to timing of transitions as well as effects to individual clips.
    I have tried storing my footage on an external usb drive and the internal HD, both have given the same results...

    I was even considering replaceing the processor for a better one... Id have to go I7 and before I spend money I was hoping Id find help here...


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    You can probably solve this problem by lowering the preview quality. I usually leave this on best auto and the program finds the level it needs to play smoothly. Do you have this problem with the raw untouched footage or just when you have added a transition or colour correction etc. Some editing programs do and automatic pre-render to overcome this issue but Vegas will alow you to do it manually if you want. I usually just reduce the preview quality to deal with timing editing situations and switch to best full for colour correction and the like.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks for ur response!
    I find that no matter what the preview quality is I have this problem. It happens even if I slap two clips together and put a transition in between with no effects added to the clips. I must add that I was having similar issues with Adobe Premiere which is why I switched to Vegas. I'm thinking that maybe something in my system is off... I'm ready to pull my hair out!

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    I'm not a big techy so I can't help on the hardware except to say that having a seperate program drive and media hard drive might help. I presume you have done the usual defrag, not have your drive too full etc... Not have things running in the background when you are editing.

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    There are many factors for a system's performance.

    First off, How healthy is the OS that is running? Are you 100% sure that is kept running smoothly?
    A usb 2.0 drive for editing raw HD files from a Canon 5d MKII is crazy, You really want either an E-sata external OR just buy a second internal for 35 for a terrabyte internal.
    You've got 8GB of ram, but only a 32-bit OS, Which means your only capable of using 3-4GB of RAM
    How much free space is left on that one 500GB drive? hard drive performance is key to having at least 10 percent of it clear, The more that is empty, the better the performance ( 25 percent should ideally be clear )

    Photoshop is not a heavy program, yes it uses resources but it's a drop in the ocean compared to HD video production.

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