I work on short (20-30 min) historical documentaries. All images are digital stills, sound is voice-over, music and maybe effects. The simple programme I use presents only minor problems in image manipulation, timings and transitions. The (2) sound-track creations present only minor problems, as I can always do pre-mixes in something like Mixvibes. BUT... fine editing is a stinker!
Sound/image sync is vital. Others will know how often one has to decide to insert a pause in e.g. voice-over and adjust image lengths accordingly, perhaps with a spread over several images. And then one wants to pick up from just before the change and see "Did it work"? Alas, picking up after a pause leaves sound/image sync completely arbitrary and I have to run the show from the start to make my check. Incredibly time-wasting!
Is there a programme between the entry-level (say up to $100) and such programmes as Adobe Premiere which give the same fine-editing check facilities that one used to have with film on a Steenbeck, or on a couple of mechanical synchronisers? Any suggestions will be gratefully received. Fourscore.