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    Default My daughter

    If you can look past the awful sound (yes, yes, should have used an external mic), the poor focusing and no attempt at colour correction... have a look at my video of my daughter's second few months of growing up.

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    man, you shouldn't apologize, you got talent and the vid was definitely very much both enjoyable to watch and inspiring.
    I have nothing bad to say about it. AND you used one of my very favorite tunes of all time, "my favorite things". I didn't know this version tho, care to tell more about it?

    very nice vid, and you know it! (^,^)/

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    Quote Originally Posted by hadoq View Post
    I didn't know this version tho, care to tell more about it?
    After Elyssa was born, I spent a long time looking for music which said, "growing up". (And I'm still looking, if anyone has any thoughts). One trick I often look use it to look for "alternative" versions of music. This one was on an album of "my first ballet songs" - not something I'd usually have in my iTunes library.

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    this song has quite an history, originally it's a movie song

    but I believe it was popularized by John Coltrane later on and you can find it now in the "Real Book" that gathers most Jazz Standards.

    it fits your vid quite well

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    So cute! Your daughter will thank you one day for making these sort of videos.
    Big Llama Media - Video Production Services

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    Totally adorable. I wish I was as competent as you are when I first got my daughter. I got my first ever camera when she arrived and made all the zooming and hosing errors. lol

    Very nice Marc.

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    Marc, that is f*****g brilliant. So much delight and hope captured in a few seconds.

    It was the birth of my youngest (7 years ago and some 15 years after my previous) that prompted me to buy a camcorder so I could capture her first movements - something I regretted not having of my previous two (back then the entry costs were somewhat more prohibitive). Now, how I wish I'd already developed some of the skills I now kid myself I have so I could have captured much better images.

    Ah well ... it robably won't be long until grandchildren start to arrive from the first batch.

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    Lovely video, what a gorgeous little girl you have. We have videos of our three from birth, the thing is,and you will know what I mean in about 12 yrs . When they are teens and you happen to dust off that old vhs (or in your case DVDR possibly) and you watch them as babies and toddlers, see how they were back then. sort of miss them, its really emotional. Really it is.

    But youll be glad you made this little movie.

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