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  1. Cool Sam Foster | Film & Game Composer

    I am Sam Foster - I'm scoring a video game and have scored several films, including a television PSA and documentary, "Actresses". I'm inspired by numerous composers including Jack Wall, Hans Zimmer, Thomas Newman, etc. I compose in a variety of styles: electronic, classical, rock, ethnic, jazz, etc.

    To hear samples of my work, visit my site at: Samantha Foster | Composer

    html version of site:

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    Nice work Sam and welcome to the forum.

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    Thanks! I love the Myst & Mass Effect soundtracks by Jack Wall! Also love the Splinter Cell soundtracks! I want to be the next Jack Wall someday - he's a famous game composer.

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    Hi Sam

    I am A big Hans Zimmerman fan too the "Inception" soundtrack enough said !!! very powerful as was "The Dark Knight" soundtrack ....really makes the movie in my opinion.

    Can't wait to see his work in "The Dark Knight Rises" later this year

    Good on you for having ambition and drive but must be honest I don't know who Jack wall is Sam
    or heard any his stuff.

    Been on your site and some good stuff .... keep posting new themes


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    Thanks! I kind of like Hans Zimmer. Jack Wall is my all time favorite composer - he's like the Hans Zimmer of the video game soundtrack world. Jack Wall is known for Myst III & IV and Mass Effect I & II. He's primarily known for atmospheric/electronic/ethnic type music. Love his duduk stuff from Myst III!

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    The ever dependable Hans Zimmer, I guess he's the 1st guy people call when they want lots of strings and percussion in their movie score.

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    They call Hans Zimmer because he always pairs with the directors who score hit movies: ex. Lion King, Gladiator, Rain Man, etc. I kinda like Brian Tyler as a film composer. The problem is, he get stuck doing lots of crappy movies that bomb in theaters like Timeline and stuff. I really like Tyler's "Partition" and "Children of Dune" soundtracks.

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