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Thread: [PRE6.5] oceans eleven

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    Default [PRE6.5] oceans eleven

    Hi is it possible to do the effect with the differen screens in one big screen? like in the movie oceans eleven, and the series of 24?

    If it's possible anybody a tuto for it?


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    You mean picture-in-picture? I did one for Premiere 6.x, but it's become a lot easier in Pro. anyway, here it is:

    This is my "old" method of doing it, but it works
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    BTW, if u want the whole video in PIP, just zoom out on the clips,.
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    Tnx, Ill check it out

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    Default damned adobe premiere 7

    Do you got a tutorial for premiere pro? cause I cant center the different clips with pro. I cant right mouse click, and select video options?
    dont get it

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    You can move a clip by going to the effects control, selecting motion, then adjusting the position setting.
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