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Thread: Ident yes or no ?

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    Default Ident yes or no ?

    i was considering an ident for my videos. probably try to keep it under 5 seconds. What are peoples views on indents? Personally im not keen on 20 second indents for 3 minute films

    Any tips ?

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    I always put mine at the end if it's a short piece.

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    Ditto Midnight (and mine's just a static "produed by" and logo)
    For a 20min DVD production of a school Nativity play I produced I did put a 10 sec ident on the front, but for a few mins, no.

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    What are idents by the way?? :(

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    Quote Originally Posted by videomaker114 View Post
    What are idents by the way?? :(
    perhaps 2 of the most famous ?

    Mine wont be quite as grand

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