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Thread: your Favourite movies from a cinematography perspective

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    Default your Favourite movies from a cinematography perspective

    Hey guys

    I was thinking the other night about what my top 10 movies are of all time are from a visual /cinematography perspective .
    Bloody hard to choose but here's what I got for mine.

    In no order of preference.

    The Last Emperor
    The Third Man
    Citizen Kane
    Lawrence of Arabia
    Close Encounters Of A Third Kind
    Dances With Wolves
    The English Patient
    Lord of The Rings (Trilogy)
    There Wil Be Blood
    Schindlers List

    What are yours.?????

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    The Sky by MBP Video.

    Ok being serious about this there are just so many great looking movies that I couldn't even start to list them. movies like House of Flying Daggers etc. are great movies just to look at even with the sound turned down. BUT there can be some great looking movies that stink. An example is Transformers, I think it looks really good but the movie as a whole doesn't work at all.
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    Yes I agree with regards transformers sometimes there is so much going on you can't take it all in ..... a real feast for the eyes pity about the script /story .

    In fairness though it's purpose is to entertain not make you think like for example "The Usual Suspects" or "Inception" so is does achieve its goal very well

    By the way I haven't seen "House Of Flying Daggers" I will have to give it watch.

    Really looking forward to:

    The Dark Knight Rises
    The Hobbit

    This year ......great year at the movies !!!

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