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Thread: Future of Video Editing

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    Cool Future of Video Editing

    This is my first post.

    Recently I was engaged in a conversation with someone who has never done any video editing. Doesn't own a camera etc, but is very opinionated.

    I made a comment about Apple's apparent choice to abandon video editing as a prime market. The Mac Pro has not been updated in more than 2 years and Apple's backing off Final Cut Pro.

    The suggestion was made that Apple was choosing to reduce video editing to a smaller platform. The iPAD.

    To make this short, Does anyone agree that professional video editing can ever be performed on an iPAD? And if you agree, why? And if you disagree, why?

    My opinion is the chasm between the hardware necessary to accomplish video editing and the iPAD is so wide that an iPAD could never be used.

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    I don't know Apple's mind, nor its earlier products, other than they WERE the Media-kit to use.
    So I wonder, what with iPads, iPhones and so on why wouldn't Apple see an explosion in video-use and (by implication) the need for more thorough Editing....
    Makes I think they might be rethinking how we Edit (by which I mean others).


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    Yes and No, quite frankly Apple were never "THE" must have standard, yes they were/are popular but certainly not the most dominant.

    Yes, "Pro" video editing is capable on an IPad with IMovie right now, I can import footage, colour correct, add transitions and export it.

    No, Professinals rely on importing multiple formats, exporting to a wide range, and creating an efficient workflow.

    As for Apples mind, I really do not mind what they do, I've bought out of their Eco-system of editing and I may revert back to it in 10 years, but for now and the future my needs are satisfied.

    On the other hand, Live sound desks are being built based on the IPad, so a clever clogs may do likewise for video...
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    I've never had a Mac. I've never used FCP. I don't have an iPad, iPed, iPid, iPod, iPud or sometimes iPyd.

    I don't see how you can really edit video on an iPad as the screen is too small, well it is for my old eyes. Now if they bring out a supersize iPad which also has enough "plug holes" for all the bits and bobs you need, then it might be fun for a while pushing things around the screen with your fingers but eventually they would have to have some sort of keyboard or you would soon get frustrated doing some of functions that are better done with a keyboard than using a mouse etc. BUT if you do that then it's not really an iPad anymore.

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    I've used it, and it's a fun toy...but still just a toy!

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    I use my iPad for pretty much everything except video editing. It's a go anywhere piece of kit that's great for using in places where a laptop normally wouldn't be found. I often use it while cooking, and it was a god send when my newborn arrived.

    Is it a video editor? Not yet. I've got avid and iMovie Insalled, but they're both very basic. More importantly, you're realistically limited to video you've recorded on the device. I'd like to use it as an addon however, as I'm a big fann I gestures. I would increase my productivity.

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    I often use it while cooking
    If I'd had known you can fry chips with it, I'd have got one agaes ago.

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    Not yet Midnight, Though the thousands of cook-book recipes available to hand are extremely useful.

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    Surely the iPad could never be considered for professional editing?
    Importing and capturing footage from all of the different media types (film/tape/video) and transcoding it to stay in complete control would be pretty difficult on an iPad. I'm sure making a quick assembly could be simpler with the touch interface, but for proper rough cut and fine cutting, you need the dedicated buttons for speed and accuracy. To stay away from iPad means additional monitors and other peripherals can be added, but the iPad itself is simply too small for piecing together a long short film or feature. Exporting must also be a nightmare. File compatibility when exporting a 2GB+ file out of the iPad? I think professional editing will always remain on the professional equipment. However, that's not to say that gadgets such as the iPad can't fill in the create-something-quick gap, such as viewing rushes or throwing together an assembly.

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    I've had this conversation re music keyboards (Roland). The principle is that the ipad surface will become the top half of the keyboard, with the keys below. The rave is that you can reload the top half to be a touchscreen control panel of any synth of your choosing - like hardware plugins were used to give you extra sounds, now software plugins will give you the image and dynamics of a particular keyboard version, and the sampled sounds unique to that particular keyboard, with keyboards changed at the touch of a button.

    The excitement level is massive - it doesn't just mean modern keyboards, it means all those ancient classic synths of the 70's and 80's can be reproduced, replicated virtualy, and 'owned' and used without spending $10,000's.

    Therefore I would think that Apple is thinking outside the box, outside of the PC in fact, and thinking about a dedicated device that is purely for video editing, maybe a 750cm x 500cm touchscreen box/pad (even that fold up stuff they got now) dedicated to editing - all the limitations of the PC will be gone. Expect to see these dedicated boxes in all kinds of industries.

    The companies will go rich selling dedicated boxes and recover the current downturn due to virtual synths and pirate software.

    This is fantasy right now, but fully acheivable and workable for company profit, Roland for example are struggling to sell keyboards, but Ipad keyboard apps are going through the roof - it's a trend and a toy, and they will fully exploit that market, so don't be surprised if it becomes reality very soon.

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