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    Hi guys, i am new here and don't know much at all when it comes to video editing or the software involved, but i do have a JVC Everio 620hd,but when it comes to playing it back on my computer via "windows media player" and "vlc player" i am having problems. When i commence playback the sound drops in and out and same with the video(picture) on both players. I have tried using the "Everio Mediabroweser player" but cannot import the file. I am at a loss on where to look to solve this problem as all my players are up to date.I have it hooked up to my computer via usb and am using windows xp so If anyone can help it would be great. Regards Grassy

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    Yea thanks for the welcome

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    Don't expect a solution without more info from the start:
    for example: Yr PC spec. = processor/cores/ RAM /Video card RAM/ HDD type and spare capacity.
    and importantly 'where' the files are you are playing-back....(the data path/connection will do.)

    Playback on a PC demands much in real-time processor power.
    The two player softwares are quite capable.

    Oh, and Welcome.
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    The file that was recorded onto my camcorder, which i was trying to play is a mpeg-ts video file which for some reason wont play cleanly on my computer no matter which player i use. What i did was, i converted the file using avs video converter 6 to avi and now it plays perfectly. Thanks for the welcome vidmanners.
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    Looking into it some more it might be a processor problem, i tried disabling the high quality audio sampling in my vlc media player settings and the ts file stills plays jerky.I think it might be that the high def is using up a lot of processing power. Thats strange though i always thought my processor could handle at least this small file.

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    I had some sync issues with HD vids (VS v10 - rendered) files and chose VLC - but the fault persisted. By chance another poster (possibly ....) suggested Windows Media Player Home Cinema - this is now my preferred player, but sometimes ( about 3% of files direct from the camera) it refuses to play and delivers a black screen.
    Then I use the Win Media PLayer that came with Win7 - that seems to be able.

    Oddly WMP-HC has a DivX problem which I've tried to solve ("Update req'd"), but to no avail - I just double-click the warning box and it goes away.
    Not a good method, but "when a fix works.... Use it, - if all else fails"

    You've not given us the spec of yr PC, so difficult to suggest if Processor-power si the issue, however I think something like a Quad-Core should not be a problem, provided you have plenty of RAM and yr Graphics is a separate card of at least 500Mb. Hope that helps.

    The answer is to burn a DVD and then play that on a TV-player, not on a PC.
    However, some posters do report they have no issues, but neither did I until I recorded music live and noticed the movements were not matched to the Audio - once spotted you get to see it more...
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    My ram is only 1 gig, free space on my hard drive is 332 gig, my file system is NTFS, cd drive (d)used space is 1,472,882,688 bytes 1.37gb free space 0 bytes,pentium(r)4 cpu 2.8ghz, windows xp service pack 3 home edition version 2002.

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