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Thread: My 2nd Post! Filmed on the AG-HVX200!

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    Default My 2nd Post! Filmed on the AG-HVX200!

    If many of you saw my last link you'd know that I'm a film student from Canada!

    I make a lot of short videos for youtube in my free time. I usually post them here and there to see if people have anything to say and I never get any good feedback. But I posted here on these forums a few days ago you guys gave me some great Info! (I think ya'll might like this video a little bit more then my last one)

    So I'm posting a video I finished with my class a few days ago! We had one hour to make up a concept and shoot it. Afterwards we all took the footage to create our own edits. This is my edit.

    Shot on the AG-HVX200
    Editing done in FCP 7
    Titles done in AE 5.5

    I also handled camera A for this shoot, if you have any other questions please ask me!


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    I think you handled the edit ok. I seemed to flow. There wasn't really much a story so it's hard to make anything great out of it BUT I think you did well with what you had. I didn't like the last shot where the girl is looking at the camera. She looks as if she's an actress waiting to be told what to do.

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    I thought it was good, although needed to run a little quicker for me. Like the shot after they'd been tipped over just held too long before cutting to the wide. But, no major complaints.
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    I'm inclined to agree with clay-9 about the pacing, but it wasn't far ff.
    The selection of shots and choices of where to cut seemed very natural.
    I liked the dutch tilt for the final wide shot - this created a very nice composition whwreas the level shot would have lacked somethng. (I doubt I'd have had the foresight to think of that).

    I was less enamoured by the unintentional off-level shots at eg 0:17. The unlevel camera is emphasised by the vertical door frame being so lose to the edge of the frame.

    The sound when you were close up was OK, but at the wider shots there was rather too much natural reverb.
    (As an aside, I often notice when a cut from a close up to a wide shot does not result in a change in sound - I watched the "Inbetweeners" movie last night and this same thing happened in a school corridor. We moved from a closeup to a wide shot, but aurally it was as if our ears were still right next to the talent - it just didn't feel right)

    It looked a little flat - if you have access to some lights I suggest you try experimenting with them - and a little grey - a bit of livening up the colours would help turn this from a rather dull looking video into something more cinematic.

    (PS I'm not suuggesting I'm capable of any of this - it's far easier to know what could be done to improve something - especuially with the benefit of hindsight - than to be able to actually do it)

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    I don't know how big of a part you had in the whole thing. the editing was really really good. I wish the image was more contrasted, brighter but it was alright.

    I'm not really sure about either the acting or the scenario tho, but that's more of a subjective matter and you shouldn't take it personally.

    overall, the whole thing looked fairly "pro" to me, not quite there yet but close enough (I have no idea whether you're a pro or not, it wouldn't surprise me if you were or at least heading in that direction)

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