Equipment for sale from stock
Sony HDS-7100 HD/SD Switcher 15 Inputs 19,500.00
Sony DVS-7200 SD Switcher 24 Inpurts & DME-3000 7,500.00
Sony DVS-2000C SD switcher 12 Inputs 4,500.00
Grass Valley GVG-1200 SD Switcher 16 Inputs 5,000.00
Grass Valley GVG-200/2 Composite Switcher 2,500.00
Grass Valley GVG-110CV Component Switcher 1,500.00
Tektronix WFM-6100 SDI Waveform Monitor 2,500.00
Tektronix WFM-601A SDI Waveform Monitor 1,500.00
Sony DMX-E3000 Digital Audio Mixer 2,000.00
Sony PCM-7040 DAT Machine 1,200.00
Yamaha 03D Digital Audio Mixer 800.00
Panorama VAMP2-SDI Digital PPM 2,250.00
TSL AMUT-2MD Digital PPM 1,150.00
Sony BVM-D32E1WE 32" HD/SD CRT monitor fitted with BKM-41HD & BKM-20D 11,000.00
Sony BVM-D24E1WE 24" HD/SD CRT monitor fitted with BKM-41HD & BKM-20D 7,500.00
Sony BVM-20F1E 20"SD CRT monitor fitted with BKM-20D 1,500.00
Sony HDW-M2000P HDCAM Player/recorder 24,000.00
Sony DVW-M2000P Digital Detacam Player/Recorder 6,500.00
Sony DVW-A500P Digital Detacam Player/Recorder 4,500.00
Sony DVW-500P Digital Detacam Player/Recorder 3,500.00
Pandora Pogle & Pixi HD/SD Telecine controller with Spirit interface 10,000.00
Da Vinic 2K Plus HD/SD Telecine controller 20,000.00
Digital Vision HD DVNR-2K HD/SD Noise Reducer 9,000.00
Philips VS4 SD Noise Reducer 3,500.00

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