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Thread: Editing text pages in VS

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    Default Editing text pages in VS

    I want to produce a video of a brochure, to be printed if successful.
    -but Moire effect take off the "edge" somewhat...
    I'm using VSv10, but this "problem" is BEFORE it gets into VS.

    - Imagine you have a document in Wordpad, or Open Office (which I like, 'cos it's freemans), I can print it and photograph it (video-camera), to produce movie files - or even take snapshits (still-camera) and import them onto the timeline as a still. By using crop/pan I can enlarge any portion of the document to add interest, or remove adjacent text/pictures. Provided this isn't excessive the quality should be good. Although at present this zooming is done by moving the camera, sometimes with Moire-effects!.

    HOWEVER, it occurred to me that I might be able to use the (OpenOffice) program to produce a file that was even better (and avoid using the camera), so the document can go straight into Vegas Studio. However, these are only TXT, .DOC and all manner of other text-types.

    Does anyone know of a way?
    I'm aware of some screenshot programs, for screen-based Tutorials (on new software), although I've not had much success with the free ones. .....but maybe this would be another use for a decent one.

    At present, I use the camera with a close-up lens fitted and accept the slight pixilation of the magnified monitor. Indeed it tells the viewer this is a close-up.

    OpenOffice will save as .PDF - but Vegas "Media Files" are only still/video types.
    I can find nothing common.
    +I really don't want to key-in documents using Vegas Title feature, as this is visually intended for Titles and long-winded.
    (I realise that A4-portrait pages require two takes; but so it does as of now, using the camera. )

    other suggestions?
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    Presumably you've got the text anyway in your OpenOffice document. You can use Sony titler (go with the basic titler which now has different names Sony Text in 10 and before, Legacy in 11) and simply paste the text.

    Document programs don't tend to produce "photo" type output, as you've found. I suspect better than filming would be to print the brochure and scan a jpeg or tiff.

    Just throwing ideas into the melting pot.

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