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    I am new to Twitter as well. I must admit news can spread easily on twitter faster than anything, even facebook..

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    Very interesting thread... I hope I will not take it off on a tangent when I also mention Google+. Google+ very much like Facebook is a reach content social network. Btw, Tweeter originally wasn't really ment to be for sharing videos and photos - imagine a magazine you subscribe to has only links and text messages... would you enjoy that? Tweeter is more like a telegraph/teletype/etc. - delivers concise messages to a specific audience.

    Try pasting a youtube link in a post on Google+ or FB, and you will see a video is fetched and attached to the post automatically. This is very convenient for the user - they (we!) see attached media not as just a link, but with a preview and an option to view/play it in-place. This is why photo and video communities would (should?) thrive on Google+ or Facebook... Do they?

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    Twitter is great. Not really utilised it for video yet (other than posting links to pages with video) but I use it to professionally keep up to date with people and companies in my industry. However I'm not too keen on following updates of what people had for dinner etc.... keep that to Facebook!

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    This thread seems to have been dead for some time, but still seemed most appropriate place for this.

    I was bit late to join Twitter, only got to it earlier this year when Youtube created a Google+ site for me without really asking my opinion on the matter. I had been thinking it would be nice to have a place to post some behind the scenes or sneak peek pictures of projects I'm working on, so Google+ seemed to be good enough for that purpose. Donwside? Google+ is pretty much a ghost town, so I decided to get into Twitter too.

    Now that I've been there for a while I've been wondering how many others here still use it and how might I found you there? I visit this site regularly, but I thought it might be interesting to see how you guys are using your twitters (if you are at all). I have always had hard time with the very short message limitations, but it seems to be nice place to quickly post something that other filmmakers could easily see.

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    I love twitter - although I didn't at first! It does take a little bit of getting used to. I've found it really useful as a tool but like most tools, it can be used wrong. I've got some really good work out of it too so I'm a big fan!
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