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    Very interesting comments here on Twitter

    The # tag is for a kind of Twitter word index. if your Tweet includes say "Video" you can put a # tag in front of that word "#Video" and you will notice it will look like a link when you hit the send button. Twitter stores the word "Video" in a list, so if anyone searches Twitter for just anything to do with video. you can appear in the list as someone who has connections to Video. You can experiment with the Discover tool in the Twitter tool bar.

    If your trying to find someone type the @symbol first before the name in the search box.

    Twitter is a great Headline tool. It just means you can pick and choose what you wish to read more about. Breaking news headlines are great. its on Twitter before Radio and TV News and the media have given Twitter some great free publicity generating more and more users. So if you have just created a block buster video Tweet about it Then watch your viewer counts go up. This is when you gain followers, the people that are interested in your videos they usually show up in your email you can check their profile and decide if you wish to follow back.

    If you have just created a blog about something or a Facebook artical which you think the whole world needs to know about "Tweet it"

    I use Twitter for affiliate marketing holiday accommodation It returns a huge number of views. So well worth the effort.

    Some websites may offer free followers others may offer 5000 for a fiver. Most definitely Not Recommended. Be patient let your followers grow naturally over time.

    The other email you may receive is "Someone has said something horrible about you" Don't open it. just delete it.


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    How do you find out who to follow?
    Go with people you know personally and professionally and build up from there. Whoever I work with or for, I look for on twitter. Likelihood is at some point they'll tweet some work I have done for them and I want them to include my name, so a simple follow encourages them to do so.
    My website is on my twitter profile so it can sometimes help to drive traffic over there, hopefully people looking for videos!

    I also sometimes look through who other people are following. Sometimes theres films being made or people doing interesting stuff that I don't know about until I begin to be nosey. Theres no shame in that, people generally like gaining followers.

    Also #ff stands for 'follow friday' every friday you'll see loads of people #ff ing people. They are recommending people for you to follow, its worth having a look at whos who.

    Its not a fast process for everyone, certainly not for me, but it all helps to market yourself.

    Is that simply someone tweets they're looking for a cameraman, editor etc?
    Pretty much - yes.
    Job and opportunity postings are always going up by larger broadcasters but very often people working on smaller projects need crew and will do a 'shout out' on Twitter and facebook, myself included.

    Lists, I presume a means of organising your tweeters into groups.
    Put simply, Yes

    Is the idea that one should set up a separate twitter account for each area of interest/business?
    I tried separating my life into two twitter accounts when I began. It doesn't really work, people trying to find you and follow you get confused, they'll recommend the wrong twitter accounts if they are aware of both and it becomes a bit of a mess.
    Everyone has varying interests and its not generally perceived as too much of an annoyance when you see others tweeting about their interests. Sometimes you discover you have things in common with the folk you do business with which can really help in work.
    One of my client posts nothing other than sporting updates, I pretty much know from that that calling him on a match day is not a good idea. Other people I follow post mostly in Welsh, I don't speak Welsh but I know when they post in English it is likely to be more relevant to me so I find myself skimming through them and then stopping and reading when I need to.

    I predict that there will eventually be an option to post to lists, facebook does it and I've seen a few people request this. Only a matter of time I guess.

    It all sounds like a bit of a contradiction on my previous post - generally posting interesting links and photos is approved of.
    What people don't seem to like is the following

    Spam - continually trying to market something every few hours/ everyday. If you have something to market don't repeat the same message over and over. Make it interesting, talk about things that are similar to yours and gently hint at your own product, post interesting updates, images and blogs. Treat tweeting to market something as a long way of pitching an idea, not shouting continuously about it.

    Posting 10 or more tweets within seconds and filling up everyones twitter feed - even if it is for a good cause or something you consider to be interesting. Break up your tweets so that people have time to digest them and, again, don't feel shouted at.

    Having nothing but a mundane feed about you - ie - 'woke up, ate some toast' 'telly is boring' 'i'm tired' etc.. Theres very little in those types of feeds that can engage people in conversation. The odd comment like that is fine, but all the time.. you'll just be considered as boring.

    Equally, another one that annoys me - cryptic posts about yourself, if your not going to be clear about what it is you are talking about, don't bother telling everyone. A group of us created a character who was supposed to be going mad, he'd often put up mad ramblings, we found people got fed up of not understanding what he was saying and stopped following. I also follow some people who like to do the same sort of thing when they are feeling down, Im too heartless to care online really..

    Those are just a few examples. Generally, treat twitter as you would a conversation. People will politely smile and nod when you say something that doesn't interest them, then get involved when you talk about things that they feel are interesting..

    Now I'm goint to see if I can find you. fuzzymuffin

    my twitter is @natclementsuk

    My personal account was @fuzzymuffin I didn't keep it up long and use it these days to test twitter related stuff on, nothing special. Though I see you have indeed found that one and have probably seen how empty it is and thought of me as a fraud I should probably get rid of it to stop the confusion...

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    CaptionWorld and fuzzymuffin, many thanks.

    It's bleedin' obvious, but I just didn't "get it". Now it makes an awful lot more sense and I'm beginning to see the possibilities and what benefits people se in it.

    Quote Originally Posted by fuzzymuffin View Post
    My personal account was @fuzzymuffin I didn't keep it up long and use it these days to test twitter related stuff on, nothing special. Though I see you have indeed found that one and have probably seen how empty it is and thought of me as a fraud
    I was rather underwhelmed! Off to look for the "real" one now....

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    Tim. Your most welcome glad I have been a help. And good luck with it.

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    Hi Guys

    Just a quick note regarding Twitter I forgot to mention, if your Tweeting your Video, Blog post, Facebook etc, they usually have a long URL. Because of Twitter's 140 Characters you need a URL shortner. I use Bitly its free to sign up and gives real time stats on performance. Simply copy and post the shortend URL link into your Tweet Job done.


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    Yeah I usually use Bitly for stuff like that.
    It's best to signup because then you can modify the code on the link to something relating to what it's pointing to.

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    twitter and facebook king of social media and social media marketing....
    i have one fan page with 30k and twitter profile with 5k Fans. and daily update latest movie reviews

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    I think Facebook is best for sharing videos. But Twitter is best for sharing data and useful information and link unlike people...

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    I use Twitter to share video. It's really very useful

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    Thanks for this information.

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