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    Hey everyone!

    I made another video last week and just finished up editing it. I tried out my new steady cam for the first time. its hard to balance it but I just need to practice more. I filmed it at a local private school. I really liked the scenery and felt the music went well with it. I know there needs to be more movement but its hard with just me. Let me know what you think. Please leave comments if there is anything you like or dislike. Also please like the video if you do like it! Thanks a lot!

    EP3 | PMA - YouTube

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    It started off ok but just didn't go anywhere. Like the car it didn't move forward. I liked most of the movement of the camera there was just a couple of minor wobbles but generally the steady cam worked well but this became repetitive. There was a shot which would have been nice where the camera come down and finishes on a close up of the front of the car at 1:11 mins this good idea was spoilt by two things first you missed the focus and second it showed chips in the paint. If you are doing a shoot about a car I would have thought it would have been better to see it moving.

    Over all I thought it showed promise but not quite there yet with this video.

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    Now i love car's and especially anything car related so with this it was good to see. There is some good points and some bad. As midnight said it did get a little repetitive but you did mix up all the shot's even some bad thrown in with the good.
    If you dont have a track n dolly or a glide cam or even if you did use the glide cam when walking, although you will look quite stupid but bend your knees and keep your arms loose as to absorb impact which results in shakiness and jerkiness which has happened to me a few times when shooting cars and walking round them this help's a lot with media stabiliser which you used at 0:55 seconds.

    Motion shot's which you did really need in this, you could have shot it with the camera being still and panning and the car moving, or the camera moving and panning and the car also moving. There is so many cool little effect's you can do which you can fit in with a bit more up beat music and creates really good musicality which you did display in the first 8 seconds of the film.
    try borrowing a friends car and hang out the back or side window's again keeping as fluid as possible to avoid shakiness, use the sun roof or a convertable aswell.

    The best way i learnt from being completely rubbish to fairly decent and now having over 50,000 views collectively is just by watching video's of people doing nearly the same thing and learning off them. TopGear editing on car's insane and you can learn alot if you slow the footage down lol.

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    Thanks for the comments. I know my videos need more movement that's been my problem since day one. However I cant get a panning shot of a moving car by myself! Unless there is a magic trick I need to know . I have a very busy schedule and don't get to plan these things right now as much as I want to. So the amount of help I can get is difficult. I will be doing more videos in the summer when hopefully I have more time and people are free to help out.

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    well best of luck with it, you only need one person other than yourself and your sorted.
    heres a video for some idea's or inspiration.

    also search on youtube for Aatomotion (or) aatomotion's Channel - YouTube owned by Vince Knight a very good friend of mine owns this company and makes a fair bit of money just from advertisement's so opertunity is there.
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    As has already been said, it needed to go somewhere. I'd see all of this video be condensed into 10 seconds before cutting into the car moving, drive bys, revving, all the fun stuff! (a la Top Gear).

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    Hi, I'm not gonna add up tot he "it needs to go somewhere" as I think the point got across already.

    I think with this content it should be a tad bit shorter, this is enough content to tell a short story.

    then you need to pay more attention to the details, like the cam shadow on the bottom of the screen in your last shot. I personally found a solution that suits me for this kind of thing. I shoot in 1080p then edit in 720p so I can move or crop the shot if/when needed, it just gives me an extra edge if I oversee some details when shooting, I can always fine tune the composition afterwards, but if you shoot and edit in 1080p, what you see is what you get. which is fine for more experienced people.

    it was nice to see this vid tho, I'm thinking of filming cars myself so it was definitely helpful.

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