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Thread: Winter - Cinematography (Nick Cave & Warren Ellis: Counting The Stars)

  1. Default Winter - Cinematography (Nick Cave & Warren Ellis: Counting The Stars)

    Hello all.

    I've edited a short video together of the recent snow fall in the UK. I only brought along my tripod as I feared falling over and crushing my camera with my fat arse!

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    Some technical bits I would fiddle with, but I enjoyed it,

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    Thanks. What bits are you referring to out of interest?

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    I knew would ask, just some colour correction and stuff, nothing I would worry about really,

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    Hi anyone know how to import pinnacle files from one pc to another to conitue editing

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    Very watchable. I think you've been practicing.

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    For what its worth, I liked that too.

    The right sort of length for a montage which sets the scene. A narrative. And I thought the splash of red of the flower by the headstone at the end of the sequence made a perfect climax.

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