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Thread: Tarrega's "Lagrima" (Slight Variation)

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    Default Tarrega's "Lagrima" (Slight Variation)

    Tarrega's "Lagrima" (Slight Variation) - YouTube

    A pair of Octava MK012 mics, old Alesis Microverb, Behringer mixing desk—no compression. Halogen work lights (a single 150 watt on the right side and a 250 on the left). Sony HVR-V1U cam at 30P with cine-tones on, 1/60 shutter speed—no gain. Panning & zooming done in NLE.
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    Hi Swoopie. Nice to see you post again.

    Very nice video. I wish I could play the guitar like that.

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    Thanks; nice to see you too. January and February are about the only time I have to do anything anymore, let alone hang out online, but at least I have that!

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    Great video no fluff just you and your guitar ......enough said.

    Please post some more ...... I will watch/listen for sure

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    Thanks kindly.

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