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Thread: Help Required for video editing

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    Recently i was in LA, on Venice beach when i filmed these guys playing basketball, i managed to catch a really awesome dunk, but as it was only on my Sony Cybershot L1 camera, i took the video vertically, so now on my computer it is the wrong way round.

    Does anyone know anyway in which u can rotate a Mpeg Video simply?

    Thanks for any help!!!


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    This might not be the best way because it converts your file aswell, but it saves loading it into an editing app so it's relatively simple(ish)

    you can do it in Virtualdub (free download from: ),

    File>Open select your clip

    Video>Filters go to rotate, then select 90 degrees left or right

    Video>Compression Choose the codec you want to use,

    File>Save As Avi

    The codec you should use will depend on what you want the video for, divX or Xvid are good for the 'net or e-mail, DV is better for editing.

    and you'll have a rotated video. You could also do it fairly simply in most Editing apps, but it'll involve more steps.

    There could be abetter solution to this, someone will no doubt suggest it some time soon. Good Luck.
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    Thanks a lot for that, i will try that!!


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    Will this work for a QuickTime video, too?

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    I just tried opening a quicktime file in Virtualdub, it said:

    Cannot detect file type of: ""

    so I guess not. Unless there's a version of Virtualdub somewhere that supports quicktime.
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    not that i know of. You'd have to use river past or something similar to convert to avi.
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