Hi, I am new to Video Editing and seek some help.
I am using Premiere Pro.
I capture clip from DV and finish the editing.
The timeline is about one hour long.
I export the timeline to VCD-MEG1 using Adobe encoder.
The final mpeg movie is OK for first 15 min but after that there
are a lot of choppy square screen.
( Why is that and how to fix it ? )
I try another way. I export the timeline to Microsft AVI and then
convert to MPEG-1 by TMPGEnc. It is OK. But it takes 24 hours
to convert 111,000 frames. TOO LONG.
I try Microsft DV AVI option in Premiere, It is about one hour,
but the final MPEG from TMPGEnc has no Video (only Audio )
( Why is this, any fix for this )
Thanks for help !