Hello everyone this was my first attempt at a no budget video for our band.
Im one of the guitarists and we all the band used two cams to film each other for this vid.
We had half an hour in a derelict house before it was scheduled for demolition,so we shot all our vid frantically in that time.
The video cameras used were Sanyo hd2000 and Sanyo CG 10,we used some builders spot lights ,but most was natural light, i did the pills and the vodka bit strapping a camera to my head with tape,It was suprising how many takes it took too create a simulated pov angle

The slo mo bit was achived using sony vegas 10 and turning down the velocity, alot of pan and zoom and tinting and other fx going on ,but i found to get pace into a rock punk vid you have to edit fast but abit too the beat and a bit random.Otherwise the vid loses all its push.As i said im no expert.I just had got a clear idea wrongly or rightly how this vid should of looked.

I think we did well Check it out here Sleep It Off - Instincts Of Nature - YouTube

Feedback is always welcome thats how we all learn www.instinctsofnature.com

Thanx for watching Gaz