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Thread: PowerDirector 4 capture stops without warning

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    Default PowerDirector 4 capture stops without warning

    I've just started using PowerDirector 4 (a move up from WMM2!)

    Problems are occurring during capture, either manual or batch capture. Without any indication or warning, capture is stopping at arbitrary times. e.g. I began capturing manually, pressed the record button on the capture screen, and then hit the stop button after 6 and a half minutes only to find that PD4 had stopped capturing after the first 55 seconds. Repeated this several times to get a similar result (albeit with differing times of captured video.)

    Using P4 2.4 GHz system, 512MB RAM, 80GB hard drive, Sony DCR-TRV340. My hard disk is defragged, and I'm not running any other apps at the same time, othe than Norton antivirus (how do you turn it off anyway without getting annoying pop-ups every 20 secs to tell you that security is compromised?)

    I've just ordered 1GB extra RAM, but this isn't delivered or fitted yet.

    Does anyone have any ideas, please? Most grateful for any suggestions.

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    Default Still rather erratic but...

    A quick update for anyone reading the first post in this topic.

    I've now installed the extra 1Gb of RAM, making 1.5Gb in total, and although PD4 still doesn't behave quite as expected , I've now been able to capture all the stuff I needed to . Stated requirements on Cyberlinks website is 128Mb of RAM, but who knows, maybe memory was an issue...

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