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Thread: VS - imports blocky stills

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    Default VS - imports blocky stills

    (will check, the problem may lie elsewhere.)
    Try again....issue is resolved, but might be useful for others so here it is.

    The still blockiness is because "Preview" is in a low-res setting - When ( Editing a Video) that's the only way to get it playing smoothly.
    Despite the image being static, it seems Vegas Studio doesn't want to give you the "best" preview, rather whatever is set - a warning would resolve this...."upscale video-rate" since the image is a still, the picture isn't changing. "Auto" doesn't appear to overcome this, either!
    . . . . In attempting to resolve this problem I checked the images I'm getting from my 16Mpixel camera. The file sizes are quite modest, typically 2-3Mbytes . . . . yet looking at them in Paint Shop Pro, or Windows media viewer . . . shows that they are surprisingly sharp, even when enlarging a small part. The blockiness wasn't due to the camera.

    Another tip came to light as I recalled importing nearly fourty stills once before, to make that Well-known "Fleeing Clouds" image, so much loved by travel documentaries. (probably because it puts some movement into what would otherwise be a snap of a postcard.
    This is found in VS "Help" with a little digging...

    For a sequence of stills, go to Import Media - select the First frame...then down the bottom of the "Import Media" (page), tick the box "Open Still Image Sequence" - you need to input the last-file of the sequence and in VS you will find the whole sequence as a single entry. Wow. That saves a lot of space and a single mouse-pull means you can drag the Sequence very easily.

    FWIW it's easy enough to conclude your Travelogue by showing the same "Fleeing Clouds" image, but left-clicking on the timeline and selecting "Reverse" - others may be more-creative, but that's it for me.
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    I think the real reason is staying up to late.

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