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    Posted a small sample of the video im working on in premiere.
    i cannot seem to get a smooth edit it just seems off whenever i look at my cuts.
    any advice, tips, anything on how to get better straight cuts like other music videos and movies accomplish, that "seamless" cut or edit
    any help is much appreciated

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    It's a continuity failure. The positions of the performers are different as is the lighting. On this sort of video it's not actually a problem, you're probably going to notice it more than the viewer.

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    Rob is right of course. The guy has got his hood up on the side shot and not on the front shot BUT like Rob said it's may be not so much of an issue with a music video like this. One tip I will give you is to cut on the snare drum beat not the bass drum.

    I quite like the lighting.

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    I dig some of the color FX but overall the faces arent lit very well which also causes a problem with seeing what lines the performer is actually saying. So with that being said, it comes across a lot better if you edit on bars more so than kicks and snares. I also noticed in a few of the shots it seems to brighten up a bit possibly with less filtering, possibly use a few more of those shots or find a way to bring up the faces a bit.

    I sent a PM with a bit more detail so I didnt flood this out with my rambling.

    Hello im new here.

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    the color fx i really had no control over because it is a tunnel in our area that actually just does that on a loop lol
    and yeah youtube degraded the quality really bad i wasnt to thrilled about that.
    thank you for the input.appreciated ima go read you pm

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    Can anyone else hear an echo in here. Well spam this.

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    FWIW I guess the Target Audience is the opinion you need.

    For me it was too dark, something that a shadowless ring-light might help.
    ... as it wasn't clear who was singing.

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    another thought as well is to go through and make sure you are properly exporting for youtube/vimeo or whatever, that can sometimes throw the audio out of sync.

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    I understand what you were going for in this video. I like the lighting of the tunnel but I do agree with some of the should have some LED lights on set to help you control how much light you are getting in each shot. If dark faces were your intentions then I have no problem with this cut but if you are trying to give these guys exposure you might consider the before-mentioned tip. If it was me, I would try to liven it up by putting more "thump" to the sound and transitional effects between each camera angle but that's just me.

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