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Thread: How to crop useless parts after a clip enlargement?

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    Default How to crop useless parts after a clip enlargement?

    irst of all, excuse me for my enlish and thanks in advance to everyone. I have a special issue. I use Premiere Pro CS5.5.
    For a lot of reasons (please don't ask me why or propose me other methods) I need to enlarge a clip so its dimensons are largest than frame. For example: I create a project and import a video. After importing it I put it on timeline and I need to enlarge it. So, there are, obviously, parts over the frame. I need to cut off those parts so the clip can fit perfectly to the frame dimensions (I know, obviously, that in this case I loose those parts). How can I accomplish this without exporting in a file video? I think that I need a tool like the crop tool in Photoshop. The crop tool in Premiere Pro isn't good for me 'cos doesn't make what I'm lookin' for.


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    The framesize of your video is a given, for example if you're editing I. 1920 x 1080, your actual video will be that framesize whatever you do. This is different to still photography where your export will be merely what you see. If you make your video smaller, premiere will fill th frame with black, make it bigger and premiere will crop. So, to do want you want, simply resize your clip on the timeline. Premiere will do the rest.

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