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    For 2011 had accumulated a lot of unused frames and crashes...

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    Call me an old fart, but all I saw was lots of potential for cracked skulls!

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    Scary stuff

    The probability of injury seems very high but at least you will be doing it in style I suppose ..............compared to me breaking an ankle getting into a green wheelie bin.

    No joke.

    Why were you getting into a green wheelie bin you are probably thinking?
    Well I am a gardener …needed to get more stuff in it.

    Never could take to balance stuff like, BMX, skateboarding and tight rope walking.
    Put me on an ice ring and things will go pear shaped.

    Utmost respect to the guys in the video and I found it very entertaining ...some bad falls but I suppose it comes with territory.

    Please post more.

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    I love that the forum software has chosen "tight rope walking" in Bobs post to place the advert.

    I'm sure the producers of this video did a full H&S assessment before any filming took place. NOT. I suppose showing the "fails" and the wins of doing the ticks highlights the dangers for younger people to take note of.

    I liked the opening title, I didn't like the dark shots between 16-24 seconds. If you're going to do night shots. Either get some lights OR find a better lit place with street lights OR adjust the camera. One thing you should learn to do as the editor is to take out the rubbish shots. It lowers the quality of the video. You seemed to have a bit of trouble with the focus on the "under the underpass" shots around 1:30. Again take a look at these and cut the bad shots.

    Most of the camera work isn't very good in that it is all taken from the side, full length, head height, with a couple of exceptions like at 3:20, I liked that shot it was face on lower to the ground (different), this is the key to making a better video. Get a good variety of shots from different perspectives, long shots, mid shots, and lots of close ups. Shot from below, above etc..... I hate to say this to a crew as accident prone as you guys BUT try and get the camera man in with the action. Follow this advice and your videos will be ten times better.
    Ignore this advice and I will banish you into the bowls of Hell for eternity for wasting my time writing this review.

    Good luck with your next video.
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    editing this down and renaming it a fail video would get millions of views I swear.
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