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    I am in the process of updating my edit system, I have been using Pinnacle DV Studio but I am thinking of moving to Corel X4 Pro. Does anyone have any experience of this software?
    I have used Corel Draw since it came out and I now use Corel Draw X5. Also could anyone recommend a good keyboard for editing?

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    If I was you I would look at either Sony Vegas studio or the Adobe equivalent. You can download free full featured 30 day trials.

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    Search internet for "Edit keyboards" and you should find a CO that supplies stickers that convert a QWERTY keyboard for any (specific) Edit program.
    I too use Vegas Studio v10 - currently fantastic value at 30-ish for v11.
    So that's a new s/h keyboard (5 computer fair), set of stickers (12, say) and VS v11 PS 35 = 52-ish.

    PS = "Production Suite"
    and the new keyboard is for the stickers -( lock it away or the children will swap them about - such joy!)

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