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Thread: Mutli-cam Video editing

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    Lightbulb Mutli-cam Video editing

    Hello all,
    I am new to video editing and i am faced with the challenges of mutlicam video editing.
    I have three camcoders of which two are same model and the third a differnet model.
    I need advice on the type of software that will allow me to send the images from the three camcoders to a screen and from there i can choose the imgae i want to during the recording.
    I will also need assistance on the type of connections from the camcoders to my pc.
    I am a window orriented user with limited budget but want to produce something close to the a professional.
    Thanking you in advance for all your contributions.

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    As your on a budget:

    Adobe Premiere Elements 10

    You can download a trial of the software above ^^ Premier Elements 10.

    I hope that you pressed record on each camera at the same time, And you did not press the "stop" button whilst you were recording until it was complete.

    If so, You can import each camera's footage into the elements time-line, Layer one on top of the other using multiple tracks.

    Then synch each one up based on the audio/picture to as close as you can get.

    Then as you play the video, You can enable/disable each track to view what you wish, Then use the blade tool to cut in/out points on the editor.

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    You are correct, But you do not "need multicam editing" to be able to follow the instructions posted above, They will work with any video editor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LFN View Post
    I am a window orriented user with limited budget but want to produce something close to the a professional.
    Thanking you in advance for all your contributions.
    Quote Originally Posted by Bpotter908 View Post
    As your on a budget
    Solution delivered I say, wouldn't you?
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    Video editing isn't easy and requires a reasonably powerful PC (like Quad-core)....and some learning!
    For low-cost I'd suggest Sony Vegas Studio 11 - about 35.... (I have v10, currently 25)-if you get the Productions suite you get a 1hr DVD tutorial and SoundForge which can be used for some audio tricks, but I don't think it addresses your prime issues. VS has many users - with hints/trips on YouTube.

    Is the footage already "in the can?" - If not then use the odd-camera for minor shots where the visual difference won't show too much. |Ideally the footage/clips are on SDHC cards - that's easy to import - but I suggest you carefully number the files, so each camera has an easily ID. These can be put in separate Media-Bins, so they don't become too mixed.

    In Vegas Studio there is a technique called composite-level switching.....I hope to use it when I have multiple cameras.... If it's of interest I'll explain it as much as I can.

    Note that it is usual to take the best audio track and use that as the "timeline" then all the other shots get sync'd to that....hope you used a clap (in lieu of Clapper-board), that does help I understand.

    I hope this EDIT isn't too important for you, as you're taking on quite a difficult project, without some months experience editing, talking to like-minded (eg Here), good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by paulears View Post
    but that's not really multi cam as we normally do it. That's just manual editing - as in how we did it before they invented multi cam. It's slow, laborious and a real pain to do.
    Yes that's also true, But this is the pain you have to experience once for yourself before you realise
    "That was not clever, How can I avoid such pain in the future?"

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    as I read yr earlier post (#2 ), that's close to the technique I touched upon (although VS is considerably cheaper)...I understand it is easy to have cuts that are "instant" or which fade gradually and as nothing is removed the Editor can create a different version by moving the cuts about.

    I do think OP is taking on an onerous task with (he says), little Editing experience.

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