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    Default Mysterious nightmare

    This video is one of my first and best works. Made by using ,,Ulead video studio 10 plus''. Hope you enjoy it. Put like if you like it and also see my short film ,,Alone in nowhere'' which i posted earlier. Thank you :]

    Mysterious nightmare - YouTube

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    Default spooky!!!!

    Very Spooky.

    Some of the effects remind me of films like the well, Blair Witch etc

    Really like some of the camera work ..... some of it makes me feel a bit sick or is that the aim ?

    Probably me .. bit of a wuss!

    Good job keep posting more scary stuff

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    Sure, I have more scary stuff and lot's of various stuff from the past. I will publish my works in youtube and here :]

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    I thought it was surprisingly good (why should I be surprised? I have no idea!) I liked some o the ideas - do you fiddle about and make it up as you go along or have you examined other films/techniues.

    Having said that, it doesn't really go anywhere - but it's ok for a sequence. It screams "disorientation" rather than "nightmae" to me, but I guesss it might depend on the context.

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