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Thread: Video designed for warehouse management company!

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    Default Video designed for warehouse management company!

    Hey guys,

    We recently made this typography based video for UK warehouse management company, K-Store UK - Warehouse Management System K-Store

    Just after your feedback and thoughts?

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    I like the music. The over all feel of it is ok but it lacks a bit of "buzz". I think the editing needs to be a bit tighter example there is quite a long pause at 8 seconds. Some of the photography is a bit dodgy example the "hand held stuff around 25 seconds . I think a voice over would lift it.

    Give it a bit of a lift like this K-Store video. Car Goes Threw Window At Circle K Store - YouTube

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    Thought it was good and very professional apart from a few blurry sections ......but could be down to you tube????

    Agree about voice over idea/recommendation.

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