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Thread: CyberLink PowerDrictor Ultra v10 gives me error message after installing

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    Default CyberLink PowerDrictor Ultra v10 gives me a failed message after installing

    Hello guys, I recently installed "CyberLink PowerDirector Ultra v10.0", and applied the update-patch after installation before running the program. When I click on the program icon, I get this message

    "C:\Program Files\CyberLink\PowerDirector\PDR10.exe
    The application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect"

    Does anybody has or had this same problem, whats causing this guys. I currently have Camtasia Studio 7 and AVS video editor 5 installed, a couple of DVD creator software's and Photoshop cs3 and more stuff but Im not going to name them all. Could these applications be causing the side by side configuration problem.

    I was so excited till I got this failed to start message, I was soo blown. I uninstall and reinstalled Cyberlink 5 times. Help! Anything would do, thank you for your time my friends.

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    Ready for another install? Hehe!
    This time uninstall PD 10 then Google for "Ccleaner."
    Download and install Ccleaner (it's free) and use it to do a general cleanup of your computer THEN let it do a cleanup of your Windows registry.
    Now re-install PD 10 but don't apply the patch until you have successfully opened PD 10 to confirm it will run correctly.
    If it opens OK then close it and apply the update patch.
    Try opening again and see where you are.

    Failing the above:
    Uninstall and run Ccleaner again on the registry.
    Re-start Windows in Safe Mode.
    Install PD 10. Open to check it is running. If yes shut down and restart normally to apply the update.

    If none of this works go directly to the Cyberlink PD10 forum and post the problem there for other suggestions.

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    Hi lancecarr, Have you raised this concern via our online customer service? We have a dedicated team to answer your queries and since this is a technical matter, its best to course this through our customer service in this link. . To help you speed up your request, you may send me your CS number so we can follow up on this internally. Its important that you go through our customer service system so that we can track what could have been wrong with your software copy or with installation process.

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    Hi CyberLink and welcome to the forum!

    I appreciate your coming aboard to help out your customers however your advice is a little misguided.

    The original poster (rjapz) was the one with the problem and I (lancecarr) was the one helping out with suggestions.

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    Thanks for this warm welcome lancecarr

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