For sale...

divorce has forced me to sell as much of my personal items as I can. My loss is your gain... I paid over $3.2K for this curtain and lightring kit...

Curtain is in very good condition. No major tears/issues or anything significant that would be likely to reduce your results.

Curtain comes in carrying bag...

Lightring included and working

Curtain is 12 x 8'
Pictures available for viewing here:
Pictures by theartguy1 - Photobucket

Video of kit here:
Reflecmedia Chroma Key Video - YouTube

Asking $2,000 for Kit.

Also have an additional curtain measuring 12 x 8' will part with the curtain for just $1200


The Reflecmedia Chromatte Medium Green Light Ring Kit is a great way to produce seamless chroma key photography. The basic question for chroma key (using a monochrome colored background behind your subject and then replacing it digitally with a different image) is: blue or green?
Blue is usually the choice for weather maps on TV news shows, but green is often used for digital media because digital cameras keep more detail in the green channel and green requires less light than blue.
This kit combines a background that's lightweight, flexible, and contains millions of glass beads that reflect light like cat's eyes; and a camera-mounted LED Light Ring that, when used together, produce a brilliant, but more importantly, even, green background for easy chroma keying without seams, folds or creases. The kit includes various adapter rings to accommodate your shooting needs.
Quick and easy to use--simple and efficient
Complete portable system
Time-saving system for chroma key