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Thread: Videographer Needed for Short Interview (London) - Paid

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    Default Videographer Needed for Short Interview (London) - Paid

    Hi, this is my first time posting here but until now I haven't required any video services in the UK. I'm based out of Toronto, Canada working on a short corporate video project that requires one interview in London. Actual interview time should be around 10 to 20 minutes, no editing required, just an online delivery of the video file. All of our Toronto interviews are being shot with a range of Canon SLR's at 1080 24p, I can provide examples of interviews already shot for reference.

    Unfortunately the deadline is tight, we would need this by the 8th of February or sooner. Time and location aren't confirmed yet but will be sorted out once we have someone ready to shoot. From what google maps tells me the office of the man being interviewed is near Oxford St & Regent St.

    Is there anyone here that can help me out with this?

    The budget for this is around 150

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    Default UK Based Videographer - at your service!

    Hi Cliff,

    I saw your ad for a UK based videographer. I am a qualified IOV Master Member with bags of experience shooting and producing interviews, events and mini-docs.
    My location is just 55 minutes from central London.
    I have a full rig consisting of Sony NX5 HD camera, Sennheiser wireless audio, lighting and CS5 post.

    I also have a base near Toronto and visit frequently.
    If you are interested in partnering with a knowledgeable UK based professional videographer with one foot in the UK and one foot in Canada, then maybe we should hook up?

    You can reach me on my Hamilton, ON number, (905) 481 0253 which will route you to my base here in the UK.

    Best regards,
    ~Mike Page M.M.Inst.V.
    Video Production Sussex & Kent

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    Golly that some lucky break!
    The weather in London is terrible (a mere snow flutter compared with Totonto, with underground walkways), but here even rain causes many delays. Yesterday, Heathrow Airport cancelled 40% of flights.

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    Default Ooh, ooh, me too!

    I'm based in Maida Vale W9 in central London. I have the usual kit plus a canon dslr! Please have a look at my site: HOME - jonesvideoproductions
    And if, for some reason the good Mr Page can't make it, then please drop me a line,


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