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    I took a video of a friends wedding as favor but it came out way too dark black in places.

    I used a Canon 550D, and have Sony Vegas Pro 10, however I am not an expert and can not seem to fix them. What is the best way to lighten a video? is there a specific software I can buy for this....I normally wouldnt be so bothered but it his wedding and I feel really bad about making such a mess of it.

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    How dark? Can you post a screen shot or sample video? You can normally improve poorly lit shots by increasing the brightness, and the adjusting the contrast to compensate. What have you tried so far?

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    I sent you a pm with the screenshots. For some reason it will not allow me to add them to a post? Thanks.

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    as I say, try increasing the brightness and reducing the contrast.

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    Isn't this a matter of clicking on the EventFX (on the specific clip a fault) and then selecting "Sony Brightness/Contrast" - in my Vegas Studio this allows considerable brightening, or darkening (for example to match different scenes).

    Perhaps OP can tell us how bad the darkness is, given that he can't post a clip..... ( er, why not? Surely THIS FORUM should permit that?). Also, I expect OP has tried this technique - can you confirm?

    Bear in mind that if the original is dark, there is the risk detail is missing and no plug-in can create data where none exists, but whilst the (dark) background might be missing wedding dress/skin-tones will probably be sufficiently bright - let's hope so, eh?

    In hindsight, can you say why it was too dark and whether you could have done something to correct this.

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