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    Yes, I for one would pay. It will be interesting to note how this one pans out though. It will also be interesting to see what 'Low Prices' means in the real world.
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    Yes I would.

    Hopefully it will be on a project per project basis, and I'll simply include it into my over-heads for the client if they want that sound-track.

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    It's about time they started to address this issue. I know Peter Gabriel has been at the forefront of change in the music industries current model, which lets face it, is just not fit for use, for current trends etc.

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    I would, and in effect I do. I subscribe to the IAC copyright scheme which for a small fee (about 7.20 IIRC) pa on top of my membership allows me to use commercial copyright material in my amateur productions. It covers it for:
    a) For exhibition to friends and relations in private
    b) On amateur movie, photographic or video club premises where admission is free or where a charge is made for club funds
    c) For public exhibition when such is promoted for the raising of club funds or for bone fide charitable causes
    d) For not more than TWO public exhibitions held annually in addition to those in (a) and (b) above
    e) For exhibition at annual amateur movie, photographic or video festivals attended by competitors and friends
    f) Exhibition to judges in amateur film, photographic or video competitions
    g) For inclusion, as clips and short videos, in YouTube - provided there is no financial gain and no commercial advertising is attached. Such clips may be "embedded" in IAC and club websites so long as they are hosted by YouTube.

    This serves my purposes. Note it does not cover Internet use other than YouTube.

    One of the interesting things is that as part of the stipulations in the BPI licence we have:
    b) The names of all instrumental groups, bands, orchestras, choruses, solo artists and/or performers shall NOT be identified in subtitles or credits etc.

    which appears at first to be cotrary to what one might expect. But think about it - would Pink Floyd want their name in big letters promoting my latest film of my daughter's school play, or even suggesting they were endorsing it?

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    Only if the prices are not more then they are now, it is a nightmare for internet stuff and MCPS/PRS do not seem that helpful in that matter


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