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Thread: Sony HVR-HD3000e ...transferring mini dv to computer ?

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    Default Sony HVR-HD3000e ...transferring mini dv to computer ?

    I just bought a secondhand Sony HVR-HD300e and its a mini dv but records hd, i need a iLink connection which is a firewire port. Is there any external device that can be bought for reasonable money to transfer the tape or would i be as easy getting a port put on my pc

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    I think you would be better off with a firewire port (IEEE 1394 port) on your computer. You should be able to pick one up cheap, it just plugs into your mother board like a graphics card. I'm supprised your computer doesn't already have one.

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    It has 10 usb ports but thats about it. I checked at its 25euro for the port. Is there different types in these or will anyone do. I was thinking something like this which seems to cover all USB 2.0 & FireWire Combo PCI Card with ULEAD VideoStudio SE Software | USB Cards | USB & FireWire | LINDY EIRE

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    Yes, that should be fine so long as you have a spare PCI slot on your mother board.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    Yes, that should be fine so long as you have a spare PCI slot on your mother board.
    Havent a clue whats on the compter, never had it appart. I know feckall about inside computers

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    Default Connecting to compute issues

    I since installed a firewire 400 card, and i record in 1080i hd on the cam, but it will only let me transfer in dv (720 x 570). Im using magix and it allows me to select hdv camera but they says its not detected but when i select dv camera it works...................Im really new to mini dv and dont know what im at. I connect to the hvd/dv port using the small connecton on one end and connect to the firewire 400 port on the computer (like a usb connection with a round edge). There is also a HDMI connection elsewhere on the camera, should i be using this and if so can i get a cable to go into my firewire 400 port. Very last thing, could it be the firewire 400 connetion as its a different type to the camera connection............Below is a link and a photo i took to help explain a bit better. Any help would be great as im going mad all day and starting to wish i didnt buy the camera which i shouldnt be.......

    Cable im using............. Redirect Notice

    Diagram Photo ..........

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    You have the right cable to capture the video the problem you have is the software or the camera setting. I'm not familiar with magix so can't help with that. HERE IS A LINK to the manual for your camera, it is in .pdf format.

    It says the camera is set on auto detect by defalt but could have been set to DV and not HDV, see page 53 of the manual. It also says you should disconnect the iLink before you switch the modes. Have a look at the manual to see if this helps.

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    I will print the manual off now, thanks.
    On page 68 it shows the hdv/dv to ilink to get 1080i quality. the connector im using it the larger firewire 400 connector as i linked in the post above, would that be my problem. Im still trying blasted settings on it now at the minute
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