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Thread: Dynamic Of Life - INDIA

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    Default Dynamic Of Life - INDIA

    17 days , 5 destination. From high mountain to river.
    The most natural way of life style, the most basic living requirements. What is ‘contentment’.
    I have seen it all in India.

    Dynamic Of Life ( Vol.1) - Land Story

    Dynamic Of Life ( Vol.2) - Mountain Story

    Dynamic Of Life (Vol.3) - River Story

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    Very nice. You seem to like using the film burn effect a lot.

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    My Dad and his friend went to India on a holiday of a life time about 4 years ago he took lots of pictues but no video.(damn!!!)

    Must show him these short videos he will love them .

    I thought they were brilliantly done (classy)

    Out of interest what camera and editing software are you using ?

    Please post more if you have any.

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    Very nice. And they all validate my opinion that a montage should last no more than 2 minutes, no matter how well filmed/edited.

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