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    Cool software advice

    New to all of this so not sure if this is the best forum to ask for advice. Just got a GoPro 2 and have a EOS 550D Canon. i would like to be able to make short films using both intergrated togather. i would be grateful for any advice on which software package to invest in. i only want to make basi home video clips of ski holidays and bike track day footage sort of stuff. i ould like to splice in clips from one video to another and i am not sure if Pinnacle or Sony stuff (the two that i have looked at) will be ok. i am a total newbie but am keen to try and learn as i go.
    thanks in advance.

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    I have both of these and mix footage from both cameras in premiere pro cs5. That's perhaps out if your price range, so I suggest you try the trials of premiere elements and Sony Vegas.

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    Thanks for the help Marc, appreciate it.

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    Try movie edit pro mx. You can download and try it for 30 days to see how it works with your videos. If you like it by the plus or premium versions. You can also try a Corel Video Pro x4 demo, Both can be found online for under $100

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    Similar requests - yet the best inexpensive sw has to be Vegas Studio v11 (Production suite for additional 5-ish adds Tutorial DVD and SoundForge prog).
    For the 30-odd it costs, I'd buy it and avoid having to rush about for 30days.

    However, don't expect it to be easy, as in wordprocessing . . . achieving a decent film needs a lot of preparation beforehand, making sure you have enough shots (both cameras), watching that scenes match (difficult when dull follows sunny) and a reasonably fast PC so your previews look good. SVS,v11 will burn DVD, or BlueRay and you can upload to your own YTube a/c.

    Did I mention audio...?
    Good luck, you've got some good gear there.

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